(in)habités (un)inhabited). This body of work focuses on processes and activities that formed our so-called contemporary landscape. It consists of three parts. The main artwork is an installation consisting of two large, suspended paintings. Some areas of the installation are intentionally hidden or less accessible for the visitors. Also, I have presented some reproduction of El Idrisi’s 12.c maps in the form of flags. Without these maps it would be difficult to imagine the colonial capitalist world in the coming centuries. The maps and book pages are presented as two examples of western-led activities which have major and long-term impacts on the socio-political and natural landscape.  Acrylic Paint on Canvas. Digital Print on plexiglass. Digital Print on fabric. 2022. Centre Auger. Quebec. Canada. Photo: Courtesy of the artist. 

Photos : Marie-Odile Belhomme-Hébert and myself.