Aïda Vosoughi is a Montreal based visual artist, originally from Iran. She obtained a B.A. in visual arts in Tehran, as well as a certificate in contemporary art history.

Her artistic practice focuses, in general, on power dynamics, manipulation and control, in its various forms and through different approaches. For more than a decade the tales of Kalila and Dimna have, in particular, inspired her. In this famous collection of ancient fables, the stories are told by various animal protagonists. In fact, these narrations relate directly to human relations and the political realities of power. At first, she found these tales quite relevant to the current socio-political situation. Later on, what she retained was mainly the idea of power dynamics in a metaphorical world.

In continuity with her previous experiences, she has started to work on the notion of Landscape, as a subject of contemporary art. She is concerned with reflecting on current socio-political and geopolitical issues through the study of nature. This would be a long-term research, creation and production project. She is interested in experimenting, among other mediums, through semi-transparent material, light and shadow, superposition and reflection.

A C.V. is available on demand by email.