Originally from Iran, Canadian artist Aïda Vosoughi has been based in Montreal since 2014. Her artistic practice consists of long-term projects. For over a decade, her projects were inspired by literature, mythology, metaphor and the pictorial tradition of the region now recognized as the Middle East. Later, this metaphorical language became central to her practice. 

 For the past two years, her research has focused on the notion of landscape as a subject of contemporary art. Through multiple phases of this body of work, she attempts to explore the links between ecological change with history, geopolitics, colonialism, displacement and economics, etc. For each phase of the project, she creates a narrative that she considers as a metafiction, based on the data collected and the research done. Mythology, philosophy, sociology and anthropology are fields that feed her research. 

 On a visual level, her projects take the form of painting, installation, archive, printing, etc. She also intends to add a digital dimension to her research. Transformation, light and shadow, and superposition are important elements that often recur in her work. In order to provide a more scientific framework for her research, she returned to graduate school. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in visual and media arts at UQAM. During this period she will take the opportunity to experiment with new mediums in order to develop a rich and complex visual language. 

A C.V. is available on demand by email.