Entitled Les paysages déplacés (Displaced Landscapes), it is an in situ installation that I created during the Symposium in Baie-Saint-Paul in August 2021. For a month, I created about ten drawings every day with acrylic diluted on Mylar paper. The drawings were hung on 25 metal wires. It was a 3D work but composed of 2D drawings. They were suspended and they moved with the wind and the circulation of the visitors. 

For this installation, I used archives of places and landscapes transformed or disappeared for economical reasons political reasons or conflicts. Places whose inhabitants were forced to leave. Landscapes that have witnessed a displacement. I prevented myself from identifying places or counting the leaves that were hung. The loss of data being part of the concept. As time went on, I myself was no longer able to remember where each drawing corresponded to.

The reflection of the image in the broken mirrors refers to water. The conflicts from which the transformed landscapes in this work arise, are partly due to the lack of water and the poor distribution of water resources.